Using Credit Cards Abroad

There are many advantages to taking your credit card abroad. Ensure your holiday is hassle-free and explore your options with our travel guide.

Instant protection

No matter where you’re heading, you can relax knowing your credit card purchases between £100 and £30,000 are protected by Section 75 in the same way they are at home. And in the event of loss or theft, your provider could cancel your old card and arrange a replacement, so you’re not left out of pocket overseas.

Credit cards can also be useful for making large purchases abroad and can be a great backup in an emergency. As the main form of payment accepted at most hotels and car hire outlets, a credit card is an essential addition to your overseas wallet. marbles is a Mastercard that can be used in 32 million places across the globe, freeing your foreign banknotes up for smaller, on-the-go purchases.

Need to cancel your card urgently?

Contact marbles’ helpful, 24-hour customer services team on +44 (333) 220 2692 – you can even ask the operator to reverse the charges to this number.

Money saving tips

Most credit card suppliers impose fees for foreign transactions, so it pays to check your credit card’s foreign exchange rates before travelling. While overseas, always opt to pay in the local currency rather than sterling – this will save you money and additional fees.

Avoid getting stung by taking the same precautions as you would at home. For example, keep your cards and money in a safe place at all times. Similarly, use common sense precautions when using ATMs and always keep your pin guarded. Small things such as double checking your bill carefully can go a long way when travelling.

Travel tips

It’s worth letting your credit card provider know that you’re leaving the country. If they spot suspicious or unusual foreign transactions they may cancel your card incorrectly.

With online management, your marbles account is accessible 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the world.

Representative Example:

Interest rate for purchases34.9% P.A.(variable)
With a representative34.9% APR(variable)
Assumed credit limit£ 1,200